7 FAQs

  • How is 2 Degrees of Accommodation different from other House-Swap and House-Sitting agencies?

    Traditional swap and rental agencies provide a platform to swap and rent houses between strangers. Many people are uncomfortable with this concept, especially those with families.

    • Gives participants the security of knowing that the person coming into their home is not a ‘complete’ stranger.
    • 2 Degrees of Accommodation - does not charge subscription fees. It is a free service.
    • 2 Degrees of Accommodation uses the personal and transparent nature of social media, word of mouth and genuine recommendations. It promotes a community spirit allowing users to create their own personal network.
  • Why does 2 Degrees of Accommodation require me to invite others the join?

    For you to create a network that you can swap with, you need others to join. The more people that you get to join, the larger your network thus creating more Swap and Sit opportunities.

  • Why is there no rating system?

    Because 2 Degrees of Accommodation involves personal connections (friends and ‘friends of friends’) - the best information is provided through word of mouth and personal recommendations.

  • Are there any charges?

    As first time users - there will be no charge to access this service.

  • Who will see my listing?

    Only your personal network - ie friends and ‘friends of friends’.

  • Do I need extra insurance to cover my property?

    Most home insurance should cover you for any damage done by your guests. We recommend that you check with yours prior to participating. However, we recommend using an insurance broker to tell you if you need extra coverage.

  • What if I want to suspend or no longer want to participate?

    Remember - your listings will only appear if and when you want them to. You are always in control. However, you will also have two options:

    If you suspend your account, those on your network will see that you no longer want to participate. However, your friends of friends will still be able to access each other.

    If you want to remove your profile altogether you can do this too. However, this will prevent your network of people being able to access each other.